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Kaulsdorf covid 19 statistics Rome, the capital of Italy, also known as the Eternal City, is a place of amazing history, architecture, food, vibrance, and passion. These photos were taken during my last visit in October 2012.

Alberobello, Puglia The beautiful and stunning trulli architecture in the quaint town of Alberobello, located in the Puglia region of Italy. The Trulli of Alberobello are part of the UNESCO World Heritage site. I highly recommend a day visit, perhaps even spending the night in a converted B&B. My top accommodation pick is the Trulli da Sogno. A truly unique experience, so well worth the money!  

paxlovid cost walgreens Here are some photos I took during my stay. Such a magical place!

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Washington State – 26 Years Later I recently reconnected with the Pacific Northwest on a quest to explore the place I once lived with my mom.  When I was the age of 16, my mom decided she wanted to own a B&B. This was 1987. For me, as a teenager coming from San Diego, CA, this was not what I thought was a good idea.  However, I did believe in her dream, so we packed our bags and borrowed my Uncle’s VW camper van and started our Pacific Northwest life. Now many decades later, I had a great desire to revisit our old home and life. So, we did. Although this time we didn’t take a VW camper van, we took Alaska Airlines. I have to say, visiting these places were amazing.  The state of Washington is beautiful and I totally get why she chose this path many moons ago. Anyhow, here is a slideshow of our mother/daughter adventure in May.

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Faces of Vietnam

I met so many wonderful  people on my trip to Vietnam. The Vietnamese people are one of the kindest and warmest cultures I’ve ever encountered. You can tell by some of the expressions on their faces just how lovely they are. Hope you enjoy these memories as much as I do!

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Amalfi Coast, Italy


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Portugal in the Winter

The exquisite tile work and facades of Portugal.

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